My son gave me this website for Christmas 2009.  He seems to think I have something to say and should be saying it on the web.  This was his message to me:

Merry Christmas, Mom!

  • Posted on December 19, 2009 at 2:10 am

Ok, so we already established that you didn’t like my idea for a site… so I decided maybe you should have your own.

I think you’re an incredibly talented and creative woman, and you need to showcase that talent for the world.  Maybe you’ll write about your 365 days of kindness and get rich and famous.  Maybe you’ll sell your pottery.  Maybe you’ll bitch about Obama (and I can comment and agree… that fucker.)… whatever you do, no one can tell you no, because it’s your site and your rules!

Merry Christmas!



I won’t mention his idea for a website because it is the antithesis of my 365 days of kindness idea.  I consider myself to be a positive person and I want to work for the common good of all people. I studied art at Michigan State University and received my B.F.A. in 1977 with an emphasis in ceramics. I studied ceramics with Louis Raynor. I have also attended Southwestern Oklahoma State University where I studied ceramics with Montee Hoke. I’ve attended other universities as well. I taught art for a few years after graduating from M.S.U. at Fowler, Michigan.  For many years after that I was a full time potter attending art shows and selling my pottery throughout the Michigan and Oklahoma regions of the country.  The last 17 years I have been teaching art again to wonderful elementary and middle school students! One year I taught art at Manistee, Michigan and the rest have been at Sturgis, Michigan.
I love teaching art.  Working with middle school students is a wonderful experience.  There is always something new we can do. Computers have added some special excitement to teaching art because the digital age is so much fun when it is applied to art! I always think there are endless possibilities when you apply your ideas to art!

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