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Yes, You Can Leave Your Abusive Spouse: The Democrats

  • Posted on July 17, 2016 at 8:23 pm

I have been a lifelong Democrat.  I have spent many years actually arguing that Democrats are not as bad as Republicans.  Yes, I know that is kind of a silly argument because bad is bad.  Just how bad does one have to be to be a better bad than the other guy?  I have finally realized that to continue this relationship is akin to continue being married to an abusive partner.

We all know the arguments about spousal abuse but let me share my thoughts about this.  The abuser holds all of the cards because the one being abused actually feels powerless.  The abuser cajoles us with that thought that they will change.  It is kind of like Hillary saying she will actually push for many of Bernie’s ideas; after all, the Democrats have included some on the Democratic platform.  Isn’t that proof enough that she will be a better spouse?  I think we all know of that spouse that says they will go to counseling and then he/she never goes back after the first session, or the spouse that isn’t going to drink anymore, but goes out on another bender.  Even though Hillary, Bill, and Democrats did everything they could to short our votes from Bill showing up at polling places, to magically having many voter registrations disappear or change voting preferences, to white out on Bernie’s name, to many other obstacles put in the way of Independent and Democratic voters, including strange exit polls not matching results, we are now all supposed to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”.

We all see the abuse coming.  We know when we are going to get punched in the gut.  We brace for it and hope it isn’t going to be too hard this time.  Then when Hillary starts working on Social Security with the Republicans, we better get used to the idea of working longer and having less to retire on.  It is then that we will feel that punch in the gut.  If you aren’t sure what Hillary will do, well, it’s because she is always saying different things.  It depends which audience she is with at the time.

Hillary and the Democrats are going to guilt you, just like your abusive spouse.  When your spouse tells you to stay to keep the kids together, you feel like your braking up your kids lives for something worse than a parent that abuses the other one.  The Democrats will say we must stay with them because of the Supreme Court.  That has been the kids in this relationship the whole time.  What will the kids do, if we leave our spouse?  Heaven forbid what will happen!  If you are staying out of fear, the abuse is only going to get worse.  How else could these Democrats continue to claim to be against so many things that happened on the Supreme Court like Citizen United and then turn around and embrace them by dismantling prohibitions on receiving money from lobbyist and political action committees?

Some people put up with abuse because they don’t think they can survive on their own.  Their spouse makes the money.  How can they ever make it on their own?  I can say it is difficult but really don’t you already feel alone?   Your spouse may be sitting next to you but he/she is not really there for you.  Just like the Democrats, they are only there when they need something.  Right now, they need your vote. You have power; you just don’t know it yet.  Trust me, as soon as they get it, they will be back to their old philandering abusive ways.  If you think you are going to get that health care they promised you, think again.  Anyone that has really researched and read about healthcare, whether they are Republicans or Democrats down deep knows the system we have is broken.  It is time to embrace single payer.  Single payer will cost less for everyone, including business which is what the Republicans should be embracing.  At my own school, we have a tiered system.  If you want better insurance, you have to pay more.  The top insurance in order to insure a family is now pushing the unbelievable number of around $25k a year, a year!  Did I say a year?  The school has to cough up nearly $17K and the teacher around $8K.  Who can afford this besides someone like Hillary and Bill that get $250K for a speech?  As to single payer, I will always remember Hillary saying, “Never, ever!”

As you can see, Hillary tends to flip flop on her ideas, not unlike your abusive spouse who can appear so kind and loving one minute and fly off the handle the next.

You can survive without that abuse.  In fact, you will grow stronger the longer you stay away from it and start realizing your own self worth.  I know it is difficult to leave.  You may be Catholic, much like me, and you may be thinking that marriage is supposed to last a lifetime.  You have been indoctrinated after all.  Maybe your parents were Democrats that talked about FDR and JFK, much like mine did.  However, while you were sleeping, your abusive mate switched personalities just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The Democratic Party is the same way.  Many years ago, too many to count, they were a party of principles.  They had ideas much like FDR and JFK.  They believed in people, not corporations.  They stood for minorities and women’s issues, now they stand for corporations!  They were the party, you could believe in.  Now, they are much like that abusive mate that tells you what he/she thinks you want to hear and then does whatever the hell they want to do.

All of my life, I have stood up for the Democratic Party.  I have supplied excuses for them when they put up someone I am not too crazy about for the presidency.  They have had some candidates that were really strong progressives, but sadly, they were always taken out and usually by some stupid thing, much like the “Dean scream”, where a mountain was made out of a mole hill.  That scream had nothing to do with policy and everything to do with just getting rid of Dean.  Then along came Bernie Sanders, a seventy four year old Jewish guy with a passion for the people.  I am sure the Democratic Party thought it was a hoot that Bernie was going to run as a Democrat.  I can recall many times when different Hillary supporters told us he wasn’t a “real” Democrat and he was a SOCIALIST!  Heaven forbid.  They failed to remind us that Hillary started out with Republican roots.  It was like he was a demon from some dark and dreary place, but we all listened to Bernie.  He was the messenger.  He was the guy talking policy.  He told us our country could be so much better.  He told us that there is a future we could believe in and I believed him.  I still believe in Bernie.

The Democratic Party has fooled me way too many times.  This year, I did my research, just like past years.  I learned all about dark money, the Clinton Foundation, Wall Street speeches that I cannot find the transcripts for, and a Secretary of State’s Office that made up their own rules.  Hillary Clinton was investigated by the FBI and still may be being investigated.  We have been told it is a vast right wing conspiracy but sorry Democrats, I have found out there is some there actually there.  Why the Democrats have chosen to put up their weakest candidate shocks me but also make me think they must all be as deeply flawed and corrupt as she is.  They know she is lying and yet they keep telling us not to believe what we are seeing and hearing.  It is about semantics and that word “is”.  How Barack Obama can say she is the most qualified candidate to ever run for office is just mind blowing to me and an insult to every other person that has run for the presidency.   Yet, those are the words that her stand-ins keep using, “The Most Qualified” person.

FBI director Comey told us all the terrible things she did to expose our country’s deepest secrets but declined to indict her because of the word “intent”.  Intent is hard to prove in any case, but I don’t think the law was written with the word “intent” in it.   Now, sometimes laws do say intent.  Like the time, many years ago, when I was a juror on a marijuana case where the state was trying to prove that a guy was intending to sell marijuana.  When we met as jurors, we all thought it was a stupid case because we didn’t feel they proved intent.  How do we know what he intended to do?  We knew they had an undercover officer.  Why didn’t they wait to see if actually sold the drug? Now, Hillary will have another excuse for perjury charges.  She didn’t intend to lie.  She thought she was telling the truth.  There is such blow back of years of Clinton scandal that I can see that I don’t want a future where we are constantly lied to, by a Democrat no less.  It was bad enough when Republicans did it, like “lying” us into war!  Just connect the dots with all of these articles and think about what is going on!

We have also been told by both corrupt two parties that we have to choose between bad and worse, that whole lesser of two evil things.  We can vote for lying Hillary or lying Donald.  Which one is worse?  I am a moral person.  I am not a liar.  I am a person that has convictions and believes in building a better world.  I think our youth are the future and I am so worried about that future.  What are our kids going to have besides a mountain of debt, poor health insurance, and insecurity?  We tell them to go on to school which gives them an ungodly amount of debt.  When they get out, they have to deal with predatory lenders which make many of their lives a living hell. Many settle for jobs that are beneath their education.  Others delay getting married, buying a house, or other things because they are so stressed about their student debt.  When they get their job, they discover that many of the perks have vanished, such as in the world of education.  A teacher could usually count on good health insurance and some day, a decent pension.  Well, those new young teachers don’t get what the old ones had.  I know this is true for many other careers as well.  Our youth are getting the shaft.  Now, they have this one opportunity to change the world.  They could elect a real progressive and somehow through all the Democratic manipulations they are stuck with the Democratic standard bearer of Hillary Clinton.  I think having our youth put up with more of same old political shenanigans is the biggest form of abuse imaginable.

So, I, being the good parent I am, will no longer put up with that abuse.  I know my child will be better off with a different future. Bernie’s message resonated with me unlike any message in my past.  If Bernie Sanders is not the nominee, I will vote for Jill Stein.  I suggest that every young person and parent of a young person should do the same.  Her stands on the issue are very much like Bernie Sanders.  Here is a really good reason to vote for Jill.  Just listen to what she is saying and think about how the banks were bailed out.  We need a revolution in this country and the only reason a third party can’t make it is because we have never had the guts to go all in and make it happen.  I suggest that the time is now.  Bernie was a once in a lifetime candidate.  We will never have another chance with a candidate like him, at least not in my lifetime.  If the Democratic Party is allowed to get away, once again, with their fraud of a primary election, they will become even worse, not better.  Don’t let them steal your vote any longer.  Vote for who you believe in, not some promise you know will never come.

Evan Bayh and Other Political Opportunists

  • Posted on February 1, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Evan Bayh as a senator certainly isn’t my cup of tea as he is a fairly conservative Democrat.  Since I live near Indiana, I understood why he was conservative as the whole state tends to bleed crimson during most elections.  There was so much speculation when he decided to leave the senate.  Some people even thought he was going to try and run for the governorship again, if that’s possible.  I know Oregon and California both elected former governors.  He gave some speech about how he was fed up with the wide divide between the Democrats and the Republicans and he thought he could do more for people on the outside maybe in business creating jobs, etc. and blah, blah, blah.  You get the drift.

The truth is I don’t give a hoot and a holler about Evan Bayh.  I just find his new job to be very telling about him and politicians in general.  It seems to me that most of them don’t give a shit about their constituents.  It really is about them and their job possibilities.  They don’t really care about the people they have been supposedly serving.  That whole idea about them being “public servants” is just ludicrous.  Servants take care of people before they take care of themselves.  In Washington D.C. and even at the state level here in Michigan, these politicians only take care of themselves.  I’m going to give you some examples of what has my ire all bunched up like a ball of wax.

Evan Bayh who was actually once governor of Indiana obviously never really cared that much for the place.  He certainly didn’t go back and plant his roots in Indiana.  He has started his new job working as a lobbyist.  Imagine that!  He just took a job with a Washington D.C. law firm.  He’ll basically be a lobbyist rubbing elbows with Congress once again.  He sounds oh so noble about helping people in the video but of course the person he is really helping is himself.

There seems to be a clear pattern among many politicians.  They do their “service” and then they get “served”.  Evan isn’t alone.  Many of these politicians that profess to love their state always seem to end up somewhere else.  Here in Michigan all three of our last governors left the state for greener pastures.  Governor Blanchard is a partner in a Washington D.C. law firm.  Governor Engler went to work in Texas for many years.  His wife was named to the Freddie Mac board by Bush in 2001 and reappointed in 2002.  That’s pretty interesting but Engler has been tied to Texas and D.C., not Michigan.  Our latest ex-governor, Jennifer Granholm is going back to California to teach at her alma mater, UC Berkeley.  The truth is there is no loyalty by any politician.  Bill and Hillary never went back to Arkansas.

Personally, I’m sick of hearing about how we are “global”.  I’m a Michigander.  I would like some loyalty to my state and I’m sure the Hoosiers would like some loyalty to their state as well.  This really got me going the other day when I was watching “Morning Joe”.  One of the people on the show said they ran into Evan Bayh and he was taking his son out to play tennis at the Senate tennis courts.  Wow, what a country we live in.  The senate has tennis courts and great health care to boot and yet they can’t seem to let any of that wealth trickle on down to the rest of us!  I was listening and not watching but the next thing that was said was that he has this new job and Mika Brezinski’s brother works there as well.  That conversation is what got me thinking about how corrupt and egotistic these politicians really have become.  It’s all about the money.  It isn’t about the people.  The older I get the more decayed and decadent the system seems to me.  Nobody in Washington D.C. really seems to care about what’s really going on in this country, the loss of jobs doesn’t mean anything to them because once again, they will be taken care of just as they have been by the government for their entire adult lives as politicians

Buyer’s Remorse and Other Such Nonsense

  • Posted on December 13, 2010 at 9:04 pm

This may seem more like a ramble today but hey, it’s what I’m thinking about. First of all, I don’t see what all the fuss is about with Obama and the tax cuts. I expected it. This is the same guy that was pushing “merit pay” for teachers at the NEA convention in the summer of 2007. They later endorsed him. I say they got what they should have expected. Every time I hear some Republican like Glen Beck say Obama is a socialist I feel like screaming, “He is a corporatist just like the Republicans and a good chunk of the Democrats.” As for that “taken hostage” by the Republicans bit well here he is this weekend whooping it up for the camera with some little tykes celebrating Christmas. He doesn’t look much like a hostage victim here.

Obama, held hostage by the Republicans? Of course not! These little kids, maybe!

The part of me that is all about social justice just wishes Obama could be a bit more like a socialist.  Here is a real socialist.  If you haven’t heard about Bernie Sanders working hard on Friday to try and show the American people what’s up with the tax cut issue, watch this now!

So the Obots have been fooled.  Obama isn’t what they thought he was.  Who is?  That cool guy you married is really a slob underneath it all.  Peel off the layers and most people aren’t necessarily what they appear to be.  However, from my stand point Obama has always been Obama, nothing more and nothing less.  He was a coddled child who has always had a pretty entitled life.  He traveled all over the world, went to exclusive schools and hob knobbed with the rich and famous.  For God’s sakes he’s pals with Oprah!  Obama never had to do a hard day of labor in his life.  That line he drew in the sand and drew again with the Republicans wasn’t for a fight.  He was just getting ready to play hop scotch or some other sissy gave with them.  The only thing he’s ever had to sweat about is when he’s playing “B” ball with his boys.  Sweating would mess up his image anyway as the suave cool guy, you know the “popular” kid.

Today Obama is more like a pariah but he figures he’ll be cool again to all his buddies just as soon as he chastises them for daring to think.  He looked pretty pathetic when he was whining about all of the promises he had kept since the campaign.  He even talked about health care.  He said the Democrats have tried for a hundred years to get something done and he, only little old he, could get anything done.  He’s kept his promises all right.  That’s why his presidency looks a lot like the GW one.  We all know that anyone that voted for Obama really wanted one more term of Bush!  Yeah, that’s what they voted for, another Bush term.

So, it seems Obama’s temper tantrum isn’t quite working so he had to call out Daddy “Bill” to get us all in line.  I love Bill Clinton but truthfully he should have stayed out of this.  All I could think about is that old picture of him signing the NAFTA bill.  Bill isn’t always right and this time he is wrong.  We as a nation are spending too much.  Rest assured there will be cuts to come in the future if this isn’t addressed now.  Tax cuts for the wealthy?  It’s just unconscionable.  I can listen until I’m blue in the face to Bill and Barack shining that turd and trying to convince us a turd isn’t a turd, but I know a turd when I see one.  I say, “Shame on Bill” for hopping on the Obama express.  Soon he’ll be under that bus like all the others.  It also really bothers me that Hillary is a part of this administration.  How she can believe that continuing the Bush policies is the right thing to do is beyond me.  I thought she was better than that but the longer she stays glued to Obama’s hip the more slime from him comes off on her.

Remember when Obama couldn’t pick Hillary for the VP because he didn’t want to deal with the baggage called Bill?  He didn’t know how to deal with Bill.  I find all of this so interesting.  Bill was basically called a racist by Obama, but he brushes that aside and jumps in as Obama’s “pitch” man?  So what does Obama have on Bill?  Politics is one slimy creature where people use and abuse each other in ways others can only imagine.

The Image of a Weak President Walking Away!

An image from my memory bank that I'd like to forget.

I am harkened back to the John Edwards case.  I will always believe that the Democratic Party knew all about John’s affair and used it on him when they didn’t want his politics to be THE politics.  It was so convenient how everything was finally exposed just before the 2008 convention.  If they wanted to kick John to the curb they could have still allowed Elizabeth to speak about the issue of health care for all.  However, she was kicked out by being guilty by association.  I have seen too many of these guys like John run around on their wives that it just seems to be common place.   Some are forgiven for their behavior and some are vilified.  John Edwards, whether you like him or not, spoke about poverty and health care for all.  He talked about the little guy and not giving a seat at the table to the insurance companies because they’d eat all the food.  Every time John has briefly surfaced he has been immediately vilified in the press.  This has essentially kept him quiet and the ideas he talked about now have no voice.  He said he’d be a voice for the voiceless.  That voice has been effectively silenced.

This weekend with Elizabeth Edward’s memorial service, Obama was once again given cover.  The press didn’t say much about how weak and ineffective Obama looked standing next to Bill Clinton.  Instead Elizabeth gave him cover as most people were showing their respect to her and that remarkable spirit she possessed.  Well the weekend is over and Obama has no place to hide.  However, the press is ever ready to continually carry water for him.  According to the latest “polls” something like 67% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats think this tax deal is a good compromise.  I saw this repeated time after time today as I was home from school with a snow day.  I think everyone got the memo.  It is clear.  The American people know a good deal when they see one.  The congress won’t go against the American people so it’s as good as done.  Aren’t you tired of being told how to think?  I don’t know how the questions were framed in the poll and where the poll was taken but Charlie Cook says it’s a done deal.  The rest of us just need to shut the hell up and join the new “no label” party because that sure looks like a good idea.  It was probably put together to disrupt the rumblings on the net for a real party of the people.  I’m not interested in some center of the road, know nothing party!

Dreams of Our Fathers…and “Buck Up”……

  • Posted on October 4, 2010 at 7:09 pm

I must admit that while I have read President Obama’s, “The Audacity of Hope”, I have not read his “Dreams of My Father”.  After reading the recent Rolling Stone’s article on President Obama and seeing his comment that Democrats have to “Buck up!”, I am left wondering at the audacity of Obama.  This shows so well the complete lack of understanding there is between what happens in Washington D.C. and what happens “Anywhere” in America; where people are struggling to pay their bills, keep their jobs, get health care and be treated with respect.  It is appalling to think that this man who once joked about his lack of seniority in the Senate and the “jobs” they’d let him do, who at the time appeared to show a “humble” side is now becoming a rather arrogant president.  This behavior could be excused but insulting the American voter is never really excusable.

President Obama was essentially finished with the interview and overall it was pretty much a “love fest” between Rolling Stone magazine and President Obama.  The interview seemed to be used for the president to talk about that “70%” of his agenda that he says he has completed.  The president was motioned away and then came back and felt the need to add this condescending statement to the interview:

“We have to get folks off the sidelines. People need to shake off this lethargy, people need to buck up. Bringing about change is hard — that’s what I said during the campaign. It has been hard, and we’ve got some lumps to show for it. But if people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren’t serious in the first place.”

I know all of us come from varied heritages.  We have many different racial and ethnic backgrounds but one thing has always been true.  We have a deep abiding love for our country and we think it is the most wonderful place to raise our children.  Our dreams are what our fathers and mothers have always dreamed, that if you work hard and play fair you can go far in America!  America is a place of opportunity.  In recent times we have noticed that those doors of opportunity have been getting slammed shut.  We can and do still dream, but we haven’t quite figured out when all of these politicians started thinking more “globally” rather than about our own country and more about business than the American people.  I think it is a lofty goal to try to stamp out poverty globally but it’s almost sad to think that these same politicians cannot seem to recognize that they only need to look in their own districts and states to see the dire need in this country.

All of us know that there has been a progression, mostly through education, in our own families.  Each generation has become generally a little more educated and wealthier.  However, this most recent generation is finding out the hard truth of today’s world.  Some of them cannot even afford college and the truth is they may go to college and come out and not be able to find a job that pays enough to pay for their student loans.  The truth is they may end up with a life threatening illness and end up in poverty because they’ve lost all of their money trying to pay the doctors, the pharmacy and the hospital.  The truth is they may have worked in the same job for twenty years only to go in one day and find out their job is being exported out of the country and they have no idea if they have marketable skills for another job.  The truth is, both parents have to work, so their child goes to school and comes home to an empty house and mom and dad really don’t know what their child is up to, but they hope for the best.

We all dream for our children.  We dream that they will have a bright and shiny future filled with happiness and fulfillment.  We dream that they will grow up healthy, get an education, land a great job doing something that they love and have a wonderful family life.  These dreams used to be very attainable but today we are all filled with uncertainty of what the future will bring.  This is one of the many reasons why I cannot understand how President Obama can continue to show such a vast lack of understanding  of the American family condition.

His family has led a life of privilege.  His children go to private schools as did his wife and Obama, himself.  He and his wife have gone to the best universities.  He has traveled all over the world as has his family.  He sees the world globally while we see the world through our communities.  We are tied to our lives in our communities.  Many of us do what we can to better our communities.  We know that we are part of the global community but our heart may be in Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, Florida and somewhere else in this vast country.   In reality we are all brought together from many parts to make one, not “one world” rule, but we are Americans!  Yes, we continue to dream, just as our parents dreamed, but now we must fight.

We must fight to keep our dreams for our children alive.  We cannot sit back idly and allow our politicians, and even you, President Obama,  to continue to ignore the plight of our country.  We must address the issues of poverty, the economy, the two wars and our failing infrastructure.  This is how we can show our patriotism and our love not only for our country but for the dreams of our parents, ourselves and our children to come.  So President Obama if you are finding yourself in a quandary as to why the base isn’t too fired up this election cycle, maybe it’s because you seem so out of touch with who we really are and what we really want.

When you were voted in with that “hope and change motto” many people thought you were going to aspire to do all you could for our country.   However, as the countless vacations and golf outings continued to take place, some of us out here were left wondering if you have the right work ethic.  From my perspective, I haven’t noticed much difference between GW and you.  I will give you credit for the stimulus as I think it did some good.  It was probably too small and maybe should have been directed more closely to the American people like the home buyer’s credit and the car buying credit were.  However, I think I’m not alone in my disappointment about most of the other areas and this is what part of your problem is for us.  You talked a lot about change, but we find ourselves still involved in two wars.  Guantanamo is still open.  The health care bill avoided single payer or anything else that resembles what most of us were hoping would happen.  Like your predecessor the banks were more important than the people.  While the banks were too big to fail, the American people were too small to matter.  This is the sad truth.

So, now you want those Democrats to basically stop whining and buck up like we’re some sniveling child that simply is having a temper tantrum.  Mistakes were made back in May of 2008 with the fallout of the Michigan and Florida primary.  While you may have moved on, many Democrats, like me, still feel the sting of that primary election when our votes were simply awarded to you, even though we voted for someone else .  At that time many of us felt betrayed by our party.

From my perspective you probably could have won my “loyalty” back, if you hadn’t governed so much like a Republican.  It’s hard for me to see you as anything but a black version of GW and the Democratic Party as the “LITE” version of the Republican Party.  You actually seem to be more comfortable with politicians and corporate heads than the American people.  Trust me when I say, “I want to believe in my party again.”  The Republicans give me nothing that makes me want to vote for them.  With the Democrats being a somewhat less offensive version of the Republicans, it’s still hard to get fired up about this election!  I mourn for my Democratic Party and what it used to be.  These young kids today probably don’t even know what a “real” Democrat is or what a “FDR” Democrat governs like.  We have had many years of Democrats morphing into this Republican “lite” version.  You and your fellow Democrats may be used to it.  I, on the other hand, see no point in two parties that are so closely aligned with business that it’s difficult to see the difference between them.

Knowing that you will fail unless you can generate some enthusiasm with the Democrats, you sent Bill Clinton out to massage the masses.  Bill is so charming and he does make a lot of sense with his argument.  However, when I started listening to him I realized that I wished he was president, not you.  He can talk straight and he seems to have ideas for getting out of this economic mess, which makes me wonder why you didn’t put him on an economic team.  I know your people wanted to keep him out because Bill might take over.  He might shine too strong!  This was supposedly the big reason why Hillary couldn’t be considered for VP.  Seeing Bill makes me wonder what Hillary would have done different from you.  I know she would have used Bill’s talents instead of bringing him out for a failing election to throw a “Hail Mary” pass.  I also know she would have worked tirelessly because it appears that she is doing that as Secretary of State.  She barely took time off even for her own daughter’s wedding!  Bill “gets me”.  He knows how to talk to me and the American people.  Listen to him and maybe you won’t make me feel like a second class citizen with your “buck up” statement.  Bill would have never chosen to coerce me into voting for him with that kind of comment.  He would just lay out the choices in a logical manner that we all can understand.

Here is President Obama looking thoughtful. He needs to use his words as thoughtfully as he appears to be here.

President Obama, the problem you and the Democratic Party has is the fact that we are really “not that much into you”.  If there ever was a love affair, it is long past its prime!  I have to say when John Stewart made fun of Representative John Boehner and compared him to a cheating spouse that wants his woman back but promises not to change, which by the way was hilarious, I was left thinking he could mock you and the Democratic Party the same way.  You have  been sleeping with the enemy on everything from the war to taxes to even education!  That old “merit pay” talk was started by Republicans to kill the teacher’s unions.  It’s been enacted by you, supposedly a Democrat.  You can probably tell I’m a bit edgy about all of this.  I “bucked up’ a long time ago when I started writing down my thoughts and determined that I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me!  My dreams of a party that will make this country strong again have been shattered.  I still dream for the future of our children as I will always keep “hope” alive.  I just don’t believe you when you say you’ve done so much and there’s more to do.  It sounds too much like when GW always used to say, “It’s hard work.”  We all work hard in this country.  You chose the job and spent a lot of money trying to get it.   I say President Obama “buck up” and quit your whining.  The American people deserve better and they deserve to have their dreams kept alive.  We will vote for the Democrats, if we think they’ll do everything they can to keep our dreams alive and attainable.  Right now, most real Democrats aren’t too sure about that.  The main thing you and the rest of the Democrats have going for you is the sheer fact that the Republicans are worse!

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