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A Plan for America…..My Brother…and George Carlin

  • Posted on February 19, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Yesterday I got an email from my brother Jim.  Jim and I can agree on some things and disagree on others.  I found his email really interesting and I decided I would share it with you because it will make everyone “think” and we all know the mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Also, earlier in the week someone had posted a George Carlin video on the Confluence in a comment and it got me thinking.  All of this to me is tied together and this is my unique way of putting it together for people who might read my blog.  All I can say is “God Bless George” he was a brilliant comedian.  It’s amazing how he is gone but what he has said is still remarkably relevant today.  If you really can’t handle his “language” then don’t watch it, but really are you that sheltered?

This is my brother’s email in its entirety:


The Challenge for President Obama

President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union speech, stated “but to win the future, we’ll need to take on challenges that have been decades in the making”. The challenge that needs addressing is correcting our flawed financial system. We need a monetary system that works for all the American people.

Since the on-set of this very deep recession, the Federal Reserve has granted loans to the banks and associated financial institutions totaling over nine trillion dollars and purchased over two trillion dollars of toxic assets; and the Federal government has passed another seven hundred billion dollars directly to these entities with a similar amount to the states, much of which also has found its way to these institutions. And in the process of doing these things, the government has incurred an additional debt of five trillion dollars.

The President inferred in his speech last night that it was worth it as he now tells us this recession is over, in his words: “…broken the back of the recession”. But we now have an official unemployment number of near ten percent and possibly fifteen to twenty percent more under-employed or discouraged from actively seeking work. We also have during this time home foreclosures in the millions. These numbers are not so different from those at the depths of the Great Depression.

Had this debt increase of five trillion dollars been disbursed directly to the people, each would have received about Twenty two thousand five hundred dollars ($22,500). That would be Forty five thousand dollars ($45,000) for most every American family, much of which would have gone to buying down personal debt. This transfer of money directly to the people would have incurred no debt to the government, as the Federal government has the power to create its own money, as Abraham Lincoln did during our Civil War with the famous greenbacks.

But instead of passing this debt free money directly to the American people, this government Lincoln told us was of the people, by the people, and for the people, passed this money to the banks and received it back as debt. This surely will assure the people’s perpetual indebtedness to the banks and their associate elites, both in retiring personal debt and in paying higher taxes to meet the interest payments on the government’s debt.

As a people we could accept nothing stupider than to allow our government to assign this the most important part of our economic life: the control of our monetary system; to this privileged private group. But to talk about our government creating our money is verboten in the mainstream media. The reason seems rather obvious but until we correct this component of our economic life we will continue to digress with our way of life progressively worsening until we truly are a slave state.

And until we get help at least from some of the mainstream media, the greenbacks Lincoln used to free the slaves that have now been given fully to the banking system will continue to be used to enslave us all.


You are probably thinking about those Lincoln greenbacks, so here is a link.  From my perspective the politicians should be listening more to the American people and less to the corporations.

There is more here on the Second Bank mentioned in that link under Andrew Jackson.

If you are interested in more of what my brother has to say and his thoughts, here is a link to a book he has written.

Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t posted on what is happening in Wisconsin.  I’m working on a post about that and hope to have it up in a day or two.  We have to do more than just play around with Facebook and social network websites.  We all need to do our due diligence to become better informed citizens of the world.  Otherwise, we will continue to get the type of corporate government we seem to have in power right now.

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