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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • Posted on January 8, 2012 at 5:10 pm

I’m coming to the end of my holiday break and feel compelled to have my simple say on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’ll start with the good.  Over the holiday break I visited with family and also bought a new car.  Yes, I am helping this sluggish economy by doing my part.  Of course this wouldn’t have happened if my brother-in-law hadn’t passed on his GM discount to me.  My car is the “good” in this little piece of reflection.  It actually ends up being “good” for my son as well because I’m giving him my low mileage Taurus.  Even though my Taurus is ten years old it only has around 82,000 miles on it.  It has been babied by my old lady driving habits, meticulous care, and the fact that since my dad passed away in 2006, I haven’t put on as many miles as I used to traveling up north to see him.  I bought a Chevrolet Impala LTZ and it looks pretty much like the picture.  I have to say it has great pick up for passing.  I also love the heated seats and the remote starter.  Having “On Star” is interesting.  I went from loving it to hating it to figuring out that it just doesn’t always work!  Hence, the Allstate commercial!  I love the Bluetooth connection for my phone as it works great.  I love the Sirius-Xm radio but it serves to remind me of the “bad” that happened over the holiday break.

Christmas Eve my absolute favorite radio talk show host passed away.

God bless Lynn Samuels who was a radio talk show host for Sirius “left”.  I loved hearing her raspy New York, Jewish voice with all of its toasty, warm, goodness.  Lynn had a sense of the world that is unlike any other voice on the left station.  She loved Hillary and couldn’t stand Obama and she let people know this on a regular basis.  Lynn’s show was the only one that I ever actually called in on.  I can’t believe she is gone now.  I would hear something on her show and call my sister up and refer to Lynn as the “bitch”.  I did this out of a form of endearment as I loved her.  It had more to do with her voice and her cranky attitude than me actually thinking she’s a bitch.  I thought she was awesome and her voice reminded me of a woman that I know and feel close to in many ways.  I will miss Lynn and Sirius left better do some serious thinking about finding someone to replace her.  In the morning I can’t stomach the Alex Bennett show because he is so sexist.  I like Thom Hartman and the fact that he has Senator Bernie Sanders on.  However, the only reason for me to ever really tune in to the left channel was Lynn!  I will forever miss Lynn Samuels and I wish more people knew this wonderful individual.

Moving on to the ugly, I just have to say I can’t believe the crap people will buy.  I was watching TV during my holiday break and was assaulted with this crazy commercial entitled, “Forever Lazy”.  At first I checked the station to see if I was on the “Comedy” channel, but to my surprise this is a real product.  I can’t imagine the team that set around dreaming up the product and then the promo for it.  Was this a product that was developed by accident and now they have to get rid of the results or what?  I don’t believe I know a single person that would want to buy something so gosh darned ugly or that proclaims a lifestyle of laziness.  Yahoo, I am forever lazy!  Just what I have always aspired to be…..the “lazy” one.  Not!

We may live in a society that wants to be comfortable in their faded jeans and t-shirts but this is a real stretch.  When I saw the zippers so you can open the “drawers” up so to speak all I could do was laugh!

I think developing quality products is in itself an art form.  However, in my mind this product belongs with the dust bin of crazy collectibles from the past.  I decided it was time to look up some old favorites to share.  While these products may be unique they probably won’t inspire most people to purchase them, except for a joke.  What follows are pictures of real and imagined products, a picture of Lynn and the car are there because they are in my gallery post.  Do you know the difference between real products and a joke?  Don’t feel bad if you don’t because some things are made that you really have to wonder about!

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