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Yes, You Can Leave Your Abusive Spouse: The Democrats

  • Posted on July 17, 2016 at 8:23 pm

I have been a lifelong Democrat.  I have spent many years actually arguing that Democrats are not as bad as Republicans.  Yes, I know that is kind of a silly argument because bad is bad.  Just how bad does one have to be to be a better bad than the other guy?  I have finally realized that to continue this relationship is akin to continue being married to an abusive partner.

We all know the arguments about spousal abuse but let me share my thoughts about this.  The abuser holds all of the cards because the one being abused actually feels powerless.  The abuser cajoles us with that thought that they will change.  It is kind of like Hillary saying she will actually push for many of Bernie’s ideas; after all, the Democrats have included some on the Democratic platform.  Isn’t that proof enough that she will be a better spouse?  I think we all know of that spouse that says they will go to counseling and then he/she never goes back after the first session, or the spouse that isn’t going to drink anymore, but goes out on another bender.  Even though Hillary, Bill, and Democrats did everything they could to short our votes from Bill showing up at polling places, to magically having many voter registrations disappear or change voting preferences, to white out on Bernie’s name, to many other obstacles put in the way of Independent and Democratic voters, including strange exit polls not matching results, we are now all supposed to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”.

We all see the abuse coming.  We know when we are going to get punched in the gut.  We brace for it and hope it isn’t going to be too hard this time.  Then when Hillary starts working on Social Security with the Republicans, we better get used to the idea of working longer and having less to retire on.  It is then that we will feel that punch in the gut.  If you aren’t sure what Hillary will do, well, it’s because she is always saying different things.  It depends which audience she is with at the time.

Hillary and the Democrats are going to guilt you, just like your abusive spouse.  When your spouse tells you to stay to keep the kids together, you feel like your braking up your kids lives for something worse than a parent that abuses the other one.  The Democrats will say we must stay with them because of the Supreme Court.  That has been the kids in this relationship the whole time.  What will the kids do, if we leave our spouse?  Heaven forbid what will happen!  If you are staying out of fear, the abuse is only going to get worse.  How else could these Democrats continue to claim to be against so many things that happened on the Supreme Court like Citizen United and then turn around and embrace them by dismantling prohibitions on receiving money from lobbyist and political action committees?

Some people put up with abuse because they don’t think they can survive on their own.  Their spouse makes the money.  How can they ever make it on their own?  I can say it is difficult but really don’t you already feel alone?   Your spouse may be sitting next to you but he/she is not really there for you.  Just like the Democrats, they are only there when they need something.  Right now, they need your vote. You have power; you just don’t know it yet.  Trust me, as soon as they get it, they will be back to their old philandering abusive ways.  If you think you are going to get that health care they promised you, think again.  Anyone that has really researched and read about healthcare, whether they are Republicans or Democrats down deep knows the system we have is broken.  It is time to embrace single payer.  Single payer will cost less for everyone, including business which is what the Republicans should be embracing.  At my own school, we have a tiered system.  If you want better insurance, you have to pay more.  The top insurance in order to insure a family is now pushing the unbelievable number of around $25k a year, a year!  Did I say a year?  The school has to cough up nearly $17K and the teacher around $8K.  Who can afford this besides someone like Hillary and Bill that get $250K for a speech?  As to single payer, I will always remember Hillary saying, “Never, ever!”

As you can see, Hillary tends to flip flop on her ideas, not unlike your abusive spouse who can appear so kind and loving one minute and fly off the handle the next.

You can survive without that abuse.  In fact, you will grow stronger the longer you stay away from it and start realizing your own self worth.  I know it is difficult to leave.  You may be Catholic, much like me, and you may be thinking that marriage is supposed to last a lifetime.  You have been indoctrinated after all.  Maybe your parents were Democrats that talked about FDR and JFK, much like mine did.  However, while you were sleeping, your abusive mate switched personalities just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The Democratic Party is the same way.  Many years ago, too many to count, they were a party of principles.  They had ideas much like FDR and JFK.  They believed in people, not corporations.  They stood for minorities and women’s issues, now they stand for corporations!  They were the party, you could believe in.  Now, they are much like that abusive mate that tells you what he/she thinks you want to hear and then does whatever the hell they want to do.

All of my life, I have stood up for the Democratic Party.  I have supplied excuses for them when they put up someone I am not too crazy about for the presidency.  They have had some candidates that were really strong progressives, but sadly, they were always taken out and usually by some stupid thing, much like the “Dean scream”, where a mountain was made out of a mole hill.  That scream had nothing to do with policy and everything to do with just getting rid of Dean.  Then along came Bernie Sanders, a seventy four year old Jewish guy with a passion for the people.  I am sure the Democratic Party thought it was a hoot that Bernie was going to run as a Democrat.  I can recall many times when different Hillary supporters told us he wasn’t a “real” Democrat and he was a SOCIALIST!  Heaven forbid.  They failed to remind us that Hillary started out with Republican roots.  It was like he was a demon from some dark and dreary place, but we all listened to Bernie.  He was the messenger.  He was the guy talking policy.  He told us our country could be so much better.  He told us that there is a future we could believe in and I believed him.  I still believe in Bernie.

The Democratic Party has fooled me way too many times.  This year, I did my research, just like past years.  I learned all about dark money, the Clinton Foundation, Wall Street speeches that I cannot find the transcripts for, and a Secretary of State’s Office that made up their own rules.  Hillary Clinton was investigated by the FBI and still may be being investigated.  We have been told it is a vast right wing conspiracy but sorry Democrats, I have found out there is some there actually there.  Why the Democrats have chosen to put up their weakest candidate shocks me but also make me think they must all be as deeply flawed and corrupt as she is.  They know she is lying and yet they keep telling us not to believe what we are seeing and hearing.  It is about semantics and that word “is”.  How Barack Obama can say she is the most qualified candidate to ever run for office is just mind blowing to me and an insult to every other person that has run for the presidency.   Yet, those are the words that her stand-ins keep using, “The Most Qualified” person.

FBI director Comey told us all the terrible things she did to expose our country’s deepest secrets but declined to indict her because of the word “intent”.  Intent is hard to prove in any case, but I don’t think the law was written with the word “intent” in it.   Now, sometimes laws do say intent.  Like the time, many years ago, when I was a juror on a marijuana case where the state was trying to prove that a guy was intending to sell marijuana.  When we met as jurors, we all thought it was a stupid case because we didn’t feel they proved intent.  How do we know what he intended to do?  We knew they had an undercover officer.  Why didn’t they wait to see if actually sold the drug? Now, Hillary will have another excuse for perjury charges.  She didn’t intend to lie.  She thought she was telling the truth.  There is such blow back of years of Clinton scandal that I can see that I don’t want a future where we are constantly lied to, by a Democrat no less.  It was bad enough when Republicans did it, like “lying” us into war!  Just connect the dots with all of these articles and think about what is going on!

We have also been told by both corrupt two parties that we have to choose between bad and worse, that whole lesser of two evil things.  We can vote for lying Hillary or lying Donald.  Which one is worse?  I am a moral person.  I am not a liar.  I am a person that has convictions and believes in building a better world.  I think our youth are the future and I am so worried about that future.  What are our kids going to have besides a mountain of debt, poor health insurance, and insecurity?  We tell them to go on to school which gives them an ungodly amount of debt.  When they get out, they have to deal with predatory lenders which make many of their lives a living hell. Many settle for jobs that are beneath their education.  Others delay getting married, buying a house, or other things because they are so stressed about their student debt.  When they get their job, they discover that many of the perks have vanished, such as in the world of education.  A teacher could usually count on good health insurance and some day, a decent pension.  Well, those new young teachers don’t get what the old ones had.  I know this is true for many other careers as well.  Our youth are getting the shaft.  Now, they have this one opportunity to change the world.  They could elect a real progressive and somehow through all the Democratic manipulations they are stuck with the Democratic standard bearer of Hillary Clinton.  I think having our youth put up with more of same old political shenanigans is the biggest form of abuse imaginable.

So, I, being the good parent I am, will no longer put up with that abuse.  I know my child will be better off with a different future. Bernie’s message resonated with me unlike any message in my past.  If Bernie Sanders is not the nominee, I will vote for Jill Stein.  I suggest that every young person and parent of a young person should do the same.  Her stands on the issue are very much like Bernie Sanders.  Here is a really good reason to vote for Jill.  Just listen to what she is saying and think about how the banks were bailed out.  We need a revolution in this country and the only reason a third party can’t make it is because we have never had the guts to go all in and make it happen.  I suggest that the time is now.  Bernie was a once in a lifetime candidate.  We will never have another chance with a candidate like him, at least not in my lifetime.  If the Democratic Party is allowed to get away, once again, with their fraud of a primary election, they will become even worse, not better.  Don’t let them steal your vote any longer.  Vote for who you believe in, not some promise you know will never come.

Why I’m Voting for President Obama

  • Posted on October 10, 2012 at 10:38 pm

Woman of Liberty

I think I have been silent far too long.  For the last several days, I have watched Morning Joe on MSNBC and put up with the hogwash about Mitt Romney and what a great debater he is.  I say, “Enough already.”   What is hard for me to understand is the lack of substance in his debate performance.  It appears at least according to the pundits, that telling numerous lies and changing positions at the drop of a hat is exactly what it takes to be a great debater at the presidential level.  However, I wonder how it could possibly make one appear presidential.   I frankly, just don’t get it.  I did not see much about Mitt that appealed to me as a woman.  I know that when I watched the debate I found him rude, obnoxious, desperate, and overbearing.  I found his eyes to be annoying, as they appeared as if they were frozen in some crazy stare.  I kept thinking about deer and headlights.  The president appeared reserved.  He did not have the energy that Romney had and he did not throw any zingers.  However, he did say some substantial things that I heard.  He has now said that maybe he was too polite.  We all know that politics and politeness are not usually used in the same sentence, so maybe he is right.

Anyone that is familiar with my blog knows that I have had contempt for both major parties these past few years.  It seems the only winners in politics have been corporations and rich people.  During the 2008 Democratic Primary, I was a supporter of John Edwards.  Do not get all bent out of shape about this with over moralizing the good and bad in politics.  Be real.  I do not look to politicians for my morality code.  Of course, when I supported him Elizabeth and John seemed like a great couple.  Regardless of his personal problems, the message he spoke about is one that is lost today.  Unfortunately, with John out of the picture, the message has died.  John always talked about giving a “voice” to the voiceless.  I never hear anyone today talking about giving a voice to the millions of people that do not have the money and power to speak for themselves in politics.  Poverty has become a silent, deadly killer of our hopes and dreams for our future.  We all know money talks.  People in poverty do not have money and sometimes don’t even vote in their own best interests if they vote at all.  Mitt Romney talked about the 47 million people that he didn’t need to woo to become president.  He called them President Obama’s supporters and implied that they believed in a “trickle down” government.  He actually thinks that people want to be taken care of by the government.  His thought process is so off from what we, as Americans, are really all about that it is difficult for me to take him seriously.  Does anyone really think it is the rich that fight these wars?  The rich prosper from war.  The poor and the middle class fight them.   The poor and the middle class take care of people like Mitt Romney so he can live comfortably in his many homes, so he can travel easily, so he can feel safe and protected from harm.  The poor and the middle class really have built and continue to build this country.  No building was ever built without the sweat of real people.  No road ever was created by the sweat of the wealthy.  Mitt depends on the very people that he simply cannot relate to or understand.  They take care of him in every way possible yet he only sees what money can buy.  He doesn’t see what the American spirit is really made from.  We all have benefited from our ancestors hard work, even Mitt Romney.  Yet, he is a self-made man in his own self-made mind.  I find him ridiculous.

However, what I really wanted to write about tonight is why I am voting for President Obama.  It has taken me a long time to come to this decision.  I have been so outrageously mad at the Democratic Party since the 2008 Primary that I have joked about having DDS (Democratic Deranged Syndrome).  I was driven to exasperation by my own party with their made up rules for the Michigan Primary and what they ended up doing to Hillary Clinton in the process.  Enter Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.  If there is one thing, I can see clearly the way women have been treated by the Republican Party and flip flopper Mitt.

I believe in the capability of women to make their own decisions about their lives whether it is about their bodies or their minds.  Women don’t need men making medical decisions for them and they certainly don’t need to be taken back to the fifties with political and religious monkey business.  President Obama made two early decisions that were extremely important to me as a woman.  He chose two women to be on the Supreme Court.  With President Obama’s decision, I have better representation on the Supreme Court than I do at any other government level.  We have far too few women in politics.  One of the first things the president did was sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.  He basically said that my value as an employee was equal to any man’s value.  The president also chose Hillary Clinton to become Secretary of State.  Hillary has done a great job tirelessly working for our country.  I’ve watched her with great interest as she travels almost non-stop around the globe working for the good of our country.  She has brought great strength to President Obama’s foreign policy with her work ethic.

There are other decisions President Obama has made that I think have been good.  The auto bailout has really helped our country.  I even bought a vehicle this year when my brother-in-law let me use his GM discount.  I can only imagine the domino effect that would have happened if the auto bailout hadn’t happened.  It would have been devastating to our state, Ohio, and many other states.    While the economy is still not where it needs to be I feel we are on the road to recovery.  My son bought a condominium and was motivated by the special tax incentive program back in 2010.  It was a good incentive for selling homes and getting buyers for those homes.  The Affordable Care Act has really been given a bad rap.  Mitt Romney says he will repeal it and Republicans will come up with something better.  I can truthfully say that health care has never been a Republican issue.  If it were, we would have had health care under Reagan, Bush, or Bush.  It just didn’t happen and they even degraded Hillary when she tried to do something with health care when Bill was president.  Don’t believe the lies and truthfully, when Mitt is speaking he is lying.  I cannot believe that any politician can take so many different sides on the same issue in such a short time.  There is video proof of Romney changing positions one day and staffers changing back for him the next.  What he says really depends on the crowd he is with that day!

I have grown to appreciate President Obama.  While he is still a flawed person, I can say he is a far better choice than Mitt Romney.  “Race to the Top” is too much like “No Child Left Behind” with its heavy emphasis on standardized testing and tying teacher’s evaluations to those tests. However, he is still much better than Mitt and the Republicans.  Democrats will fund the programs that they expect schools to create.  When things were getting tough President Obama sent money to the states to keep teachers and police officers employed.  We cannot forget some of the stimulus programs that people have benefited from.  The Democrats got unemployment extended for people that were out of work!  I am sure there is more that I could say but I know that there are clear reasons to vote for President Obama and not just against Mitt Romney.

I, as a woman, would rather have a President that I trust can make a positive decision for another choice for the Supreme Court should it become necessary.  I feel I have that with President Obama.  As I said before, I do not want to go back to the fifties.  I was born in the fifties.  I have ten brothers.  I grew up in a male dominated world.  I live in a male dominated world.  I want women to continue to move forward and make their own decisions in the world.  I want women to have the freedom to be whatever they desire to be.  I am proud to be a woman that takes her vote seriously.  I value my freedom.  I value my liberties.  I am proud of my heritage and I embrace a future in America where all people are equal regardless of race, color, creed, or monetary value.  The poor and the middle class need to vote.  You may not have much money but your vote is your power!


  • Posted on August 21, 2012 at 2:52 pm

I am so fortunate to be visiting the northern Michigan area this week.  I had a get together with some of my brothers and it was fun.  Thankfully, I am sitting in front of this view and can keep my head clear of all negative thoughts.

Beautiful Duck Lake near Interlochen, Michigan

I was the only liberal person at the party Sunday night.  One of my brothers actually thinks that Democrats are the root of all that is seemingly evil in our society.  To him it seems that it is Democratic policies that destroy cities and lead to the destruction of our nation.  He sees Democrats as not wanting to work.  I thought that was a broad brush to paint people with and rather narrow minded.

I grew up in a FDR Democratic family.  It’s a wonder that these brothers grew up with the same parents that I had.  My parents would never agree with my brothers, not by a long shot.  Like our nation, my family is deeply divided by politics, religion, and basic world views.    I think politics in general tends to divide families especially in the last twenty years or so.  The right wing ideology of bible thumping Christianity scares the hell out of the free thinking left ideology.  For the most part, I believe in tolerance of other peoples’ ideas, unless it infringes on my life and my freedoms.  I don’t want religious zealots creating policy for our country and especially for women’s reproductive health.  Regardless of how I feel, it has made me realize that it is up to the people of this country to start making the real decisions and not leaving it up to the imperfect and bought politicians.

There are two things that I think are essential to being a true and devoted citizen of our nation.  These are to become educated and to vote.  If you aren’t voting, you need to start.  We have really only our vote as a check and balance to keep those in government on their toes.  It is so obvious across this nation this year that there are many things being done to prevent certain groups of people from voting.  This tells me that our votes must really be precious.

Recently, there was an editorial in our local paper, the Sturgis Journal, in which the writer was appalled at the lack of people voting in the August election.  I did vote but I find it a bit frustrating as I live in a Republican area.  What I am noticing is many of the local offices have people that run unopposed.  Either the Democrats feel it is a lost cause, it is too expensive to put together a campaign, both of these or something else is going on.  I also saw where some representatives want to repeal the 17th amendment which would mean that we would no longer vote for our senators to represent us in Congress.  That is unbelievable to me.  We must vote people or maybe they will start taking that vote away.  Yes, I know what you may be thinking…There seems to be no difference between the two parties these days.  I’ve said it myself.  However, that is not totally true.  One is way right and one is a bit right.  Lefties have the Green Party but in our two party system; it really leaves a lot of people out in the cold on making a statement with their vote.  I think this is why many don’t bother voting.  They don’t feel they have a real choice; they only have bad candidates and then there is worse.  It is frustrating I know but we must do our part and vote or soon we may not have the right.

Look at it this way.  If so many people are trying to limit voting it must be something special.  Regardless of how you vote, if you are of voting age, I hope you do vote.  I remember how excited I was the first time I voted.  I felt really great taking part in our government.  I grew up with political discussions about everything from the Kennedys to the Vietnam War.  To me voting was a great privilege.  I have always voted and probably always will vote.  When I moved to Oklahoma, I participated in a Caucus.  It was interesting.  Politics has always been interesting to me.  What most people don’t seem to understand is politics and those political decisions do have an effect on your life.  Politics affects everything from the minimum wage to education, and even the draft.  If you don’t get involved and vote you are leaving the decisions to other people that may or may not have your best interests in mind as they do their job in government.  So this November become a participating member of our nation.  Get educated about the issues so you truly understand the consequences of your voting decisions and then VOTE!

Tear Down This Wall between Patriotism and Party

  • Posted on December 21, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Where are our leaders on this issue?  I have seen the two senators, Gillibrand and Schumer from New York pushing for the first responders and other New York politicians like Mayor Bloomberg and Rep. Nadler.  However, I haven’t heard President Obama pushing for this issue.  Today I read that Robert Gibbs is trying to get John Stewart to help out.  Are you kidding me?  Why can’t President Obama come out and make a speech that drives this issue?  This to me is a simple issue.  If you can pass tax cuts for the millionaire’s club, then you should be able to get the money needed to take care of the first responders from 9/11.

It is surprising who is actually taking the lead on this issue.  In the press it looks like Shep Smith from believe it or not, Fox News!

Here is Shep calling out the Republicans earlier on this issue:

“We called a lot of Republicans today who are in office at the moment,” he said on Monday. “These are the ones who told us ‘no’: Senators Alexander, Barrasso, Cornyn, Crapo, DeMint, Enzi, Grassley, Kyl, McConnell, Sessions, Baucus, Gregg, and Inhofe. No response from Bunning, Coburn, Ensign, Graham, Hatch, and McCain.”

“Why does no one want to talk about this?” he continued.

Speaking of Coburn why doesn’t he care about sick people?

Senator Coburn has vowed to tie this up. You have to wonder why?

Senator Coburn:

He tells Politico that he “wouldn’t allow the bill to move quickly” due to “problems with parts of the bill and the process Democrats are employing” to pass it.
This was taped in September before the election.  I’m sure they thought this would easily pass.  It’s well worth watching this video.  It should give everyone a good idea of what is going on with the first responders.  It shows what they were facing and showcases individuals so you can see what they are going through.  No one wants to foot this bill.  No one wants to take responsibility for the illnesses.  In the nine years that have followed 9/11 900 people have died from diseases that are obviously related to 9/11 unless you are the police department, fire department or an insurance company.

Nine Years After 9/11, 900 Responders Dead

If you need more convincing about this issue, watch this and think about what we should be doing for these people.

What can we do?  How about contacting the senators that are skipping out on this one.  Maybe Senator Coburn’s office.  Do what you can but do something.

Contact your senator here.

This is the reason for the season.  Come on Republicans; ask yourself what would Jesus do?  After every speech politicians proclaim, “God bless America!”  Maybe this time they ought to mean it and step up and do the right thing.  I’m tired of flag pin wearing hypocrites that continue to parade themselves out as caring individuals when all they really seem to care about is their next election and getting more money for their cronies.  It’s time to step up and do the right thing!

Unemployment Vote….Don’t Ask…Don’t Tell

  • Posted on November 18, 2010 at 10:23 pm

This is just a quick post to let people know that more of nothing is going on in Congress.  So if you are unemployed and getting unemployment compensation, you may be interested in the most recent vote on extensions.  The current unemployment is set to expire on November 30th just before the holidays.  Don’t ask for an extension to the unemployment compensation and absolutely don’t tell anyone about the congress people that care more about anything else but helping unemployed people.  Okay, so do tell on them.  That’s why I’m posting their votes here!

Republicans will vote for every war or tax cut for the wealthy and not worry about where the money comes from, but if it’s for some out of work not so rich person, well, forget it!  They will not pass this unless they know how to pay for it.  I know how to pay for it.  Why don’t we just stop these two wars and take care of our own for once?  Just asking and thinking out loud.   I also thought we got rid of many of those Blue Dog Democrats but unfortunately there must be at least 11 left to vote with the Republicans and I would like to add shame on those congress people that didn’t even bother to show up to vote!

Here is a link to the voting record for today.

Here is an article on this as well.

Throw Them a Bone Once in Awhile!

  • Posted on October 6, 2010 at 8:17 pm

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the pre-wedding dinner for her daughter.P

Please note that the embedding for a couple of these videos has been disabled, so please be sure and click on the link as you’re reading this piece.  It’ll be worth it!

I was thinking tonight that the only real difference between Republicans and the current Democratic Party are “bones”.  Once in awhile the Democratic Party will throw their dog, you know “Us”, a bone.  We sit patiently waiting like the good dog we are for that proverbial bone.  In the past two years the bone picking has been pretty slim.  We haven’t had much to chew on and this is precisely why we’re willing to bite the hand that thinks they feed us!

It isn’t hard to keep us content.  We’ll put up with a lot, if we have a job.  Now that many of us are worried about the economy and not feeling all that loyal to our Democratic Party, we aren’t ready to wait for that proverbial bone.  If our master hasn’t been giving us that proverbial bone, we just might find ourselves running off to find a new master.

Well here is a little bone that keeps getting chucked out at just the right moment, or so they think.

This has been going around for awhile now.  I think this is just another bone that the Democrats think will get their “base” fired up.  Today I heard on “Morning Joe” that President Obama is losing the white, non college educated voter and the Latino voters aren’t too excited either.  These were those hold outs during the primary that held fast in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia for Hillary Clinton.  I have mentioned many times on here how upset some Democrats still are over the primary, so there is no real news here.  However, now we can maybe get excited about the possibility that Hillary could be the VP in 2012.  Imagine that, the first female Vice President.  Oh, and Vice President Joe Biden, well, he could be Secretary of State.  For those of us that have great respect for Hillary, this can be enticing, except we still would want her at the top of the ticket, not number two!  Wow, maybe we should go out and vote in the election to make sure she has something left to work with when she gets the job!  Oh, could this be some little bone to manipulate us into voting, get us excited again?  I wonder?

Oh, that little bone they just threw out to us.  It tastes so good, but we know it won’t last.  They’ll take that bone back just as soon as this most recent election is over.  Yes, and Hillary had to come out and put all this silly talk to rest.

Oh, dear me, that was back in 2008!  Oh, they really don’t like Hillary standing in Obama’s bright light.  These men just really don’t want Hillary at all.  “David vs. Goliath”, oh my, and today some of these same guys sing a different tune.  I really meant to put this one up!

Oh, these men, really just want to give us that little bone, so we can feel like they really do care about us.  They really do understand our angst.  As I said many of us haven’t really gotten over the primary in 2008 when people like me had our vote given to Barack Obama here in Michigan, even though we didn’t vote for him.  Some votes were also taken from Hillary and given to Obama because we were told if Obama had been on the ticket, these people would have voted for him, not her!  There they were, our Democratic Party taking care of us again.  Doing for us what we aren’t able to do for ourselves, vote!  You know when you’re just a dog, you don’t always have a very big brain, so you need your master to take care of  you.

I’m so excited about this new idea.  It’s getting me all tingly feeling: just like Chris Matthews when he thinks of President Obama.  Oh, if only this could really happen.  Well, I’m sure it could, if we voted for the Democrats!Here's to you Hillary!  Everyone loves you now!

Let’s have some fun with this.  How about playing the drinking game?  Every time “they” mention Hillary Clinton’s name before the election let’s have a drink.  I expect to be a little tipsy before this election is over!

Here’s to you Hillary!  Everyone loves you now!  Well, at least until the election is over!

“One Nation Working Together”Rally

  • Posted on October 2, 2010 at 4:21 pm

I just happened to be home today and turned on CSPAN and realized the “One Nation” rally was getting ready to begin.  I had heard about this rally through the Ed Schultz show as he had continually talked about it on both his TV and radio show.  Here is Big Eddy talking about it on his show.  It’s rather long but you should at least watch through his little exclamation about Rahm Emanuel.  Rahm left the president on Friday but probably according to the labor unions, he should have left long ago!

As the rally opened they had a local hip-hop choir group which made me want to go to the store like I had planned.  I guess it was entertainment to fill time but I seriously didn’t get the point.  I hung around and caught Ed.  Ed was loud and seemed to be used to rev up the crowd with how we are “One Nation”.  Ed was like one of those loud, screaming Baptist preachers.  He’s either going to convert you with words or scare you into converting.  After Ed was some lame ad about One Nation working together.

Comparisons surely will be made between the Glenn Beck rally and this one.  To me it looks like both rallies have managed to get a rather large crowd to attend each rally.  Midway through this rally they reported that according to some satellite picture this rally is bigger and growing than Beck’s rally.  Both of these rallies tried to channel  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with his words.  Both have a clearly different dream of what they want to see happen in this country.  Beck’s rally was about awarding medals to some people and honoring them as individuals.  As I recall it was to restore “honor” to America.  The implication was that President Obama has some how dishonored our country.  This rally seems to be about sharing the problems facing the American people and saying, “We stand with you!”  The speeches are tied to the writings of Jesus.  The tone is one of that takes on the concept that what happens to the least of my brothers, happens to me.  This seems to be the concept behind the “One Nation” rally.  It actually could be billed as restoring honor to the American people that have been dishonored by the system and corporations!  This rally has allowed people to bring signs whereas the Glenn Beck rally didn’t want any signs for some reason.  One of the most dominant signs I noticed was one that said, “Jobs, Not War!”

This rally is designed to get Democrats in the mood to vote in November.  The people attending the rally are to go back to their homes and help rally others to support the Democrats.  One nation is working together but not the Republicans because they’re the party of “No”.

Leave it to Al Sharpton to get the party rocking.  “One nation under God” is what he said we were.  He talked about the same things but he really revved up he crowd.  There was talk about bailing out the American people.  The thought was if the government can bailout corporations, then they can surely bailout the American  people when they are having hard times.  There was a comparison to what is spent on education and what is spent on defense.  I believe 5%  of what goes to defense was the figure that was said goes to education.

A native American comic, Charlie Hill, spoke but some of his jokes were a little flat as the rally doesn’t seem to be about bashing people like Palin but building up the American worker.  I think he didn’t get that memo.  The most interesting thing he said was that we’ve been fighting terrorism a long time; all the way back to 1492.  I thought truer words were never spoken.  Columbus gets all kinds of glory from us today but if we were taught the real history of his voyage and the “conquering” of America, we wouldn’t be so kind to him.

After Charlie were many workers and even unemployed people looking for work.  These people came from many walks of life and unions.  They had what I believe was the strongest voice for this rally today.  Larry Cohen from the Communications Workers of America talked about the decline of the unions and the loss of wages and benefits over the last forty years.  He said we used to have one in three in a union and now we have one in sixteen.  I think he had a really strong voice for unions and the many people that followed him from a nurse to a teacher to a transportation worker all spoke very poignantly about the plight of workers today.

There were many well known people at this rally.  I saw Jesse Jackson in the crowd and he also spoke.  Charlie Rangel, Dick Gregory and many others were there as well.  In my opinion the most elegant speaker was Harry Belafonte who talked about Dr. King speaking out about the Vietnam war.  Then Harry spoke out about the two wars we are currently in.  He had the raspy, aged voice of reason that I wish President Obama could hear!  I have to thank the “right winger” that posted this so early on Youtube.  This is not the complete speech as the part about Vietnam and our wars today wasn’t included.

This rally ended up being a real political rally.  The Glenn Beck rally pales in comparison to what this rally was about.  The Beck rally was much shorter and really was about giving out some awards to people that Beck admired for many different reasons.  It really wasn’t a typical political rally as there weren’t speakers talking about fixing the nation or building up a party or even voting.  This rally seems to have been organized to both respond to the Beck rally and the Tea Party people but also to try and rally the “troops” to vote.  If people are listening and they’re Democrats, it could rally them.  They didn’t talk much about President Obama.  I’m sure that was by design.  They talked about an agenda that included jobs, justice and peace.

Even college students spoke at this rally and talked about their student loans.  One young man talked about an education and jobs being our “rights”.  I have to say I agree with much of what he said.  Randi Weingarten from the American Federation of Teachers was also at the rally and gave a rousing speech for education!  She asked all to join in and be one nation together to make a difference in our children’s lives.  Rev. Frederick Haynes talked about bringing our fingers together to make a fist to strike a blow for everything from education to justice.  He repeated many things we need to bring our fingers together for.  Basically, you don’t get much attention when you tap someone with your finger but if they see your fist, they’ll listen.  I liked this guy.  He had a simple way of bringing a big message!  Beau Sia, a slam poet, spoke and it was a great poem about teaching.  I didn’t get to see the whole rally as I have other things I have to do.  I’m sure I saw the bulk of it.  Much talk was given to everything from jobs, justice, education, the prison system, and health care.  The end result is to vote and to vote for Democrats!

I admire the people that were able to go to the rally because they have chosen to try and do something, rather than sit and do nothing.  One woman that is unemployed talked about “Working America” where she helps to organize other unemployed people to go out and volunteer.  This rally was very inclusive with all colors and ages of people.  Beck’s rally seemed very white and old.   I have to give it up to Big Eddy.  He did rally the troops.  He talked about this rally so much that I really wondered if he and the unions could get the crowd he was expecting.  They did.  The crowd was impressive as were the many speakers.

I just wish the Democratic Party was half as good as the people they currently represent.  These people deserve representation that isn’t corrupted by the deep pockets of corporations.  They have gone out of their way to promote the Democratic Party and I believe the Democratic Party should go out of their way to hear these voices.  This shouldn’t be just another rally where nothing ever comes from it but a vote.  We’ve had enough of that.  Everybody gets excited to vote.  Then the politicians go back and we find out they had their fingers crossed behind their backs the whole time we were talking to them.  Let’s all put our fingers together and make a fist.  Maybe if they see our fist, we’ll get what we want!

My American Pledge: “Hell No!”

  • Posted on September 24, 2010 at 8:09 pm

The Three Stooges and Their Pledge to America

I, being of sound mind and body, born into freedom, and tethered to a corrupt two party system, soundly reject the fantasy induced Republican pledge.  Sometimes I wonder what these guys have been drinking or smoking.  Do they really believe we have no memory whatsoever of the past?  You can read and download the pledge here:

John Boehner doesn’t have all the solutions but wants to have an “adult“ conversation with the American people.  Please, he cannot even do that with the Democratic Party.  He has been absolutely saying, “No!” to everything that has been put before him while offering nothing in return.  This pledge for America is a scare tactic on taxes.  If you read through the plan, they give all kinds of scenarios meant to target the middle class voter and families to vote for the Republicans, because the Democrats are going to raise your taxes on January 11th 2011.  In reality the Democrats have talked about leaving in place those tax cuts for those making under $250,000.  These are the very people targeted in this so called plan.  In the plan you don’t read anything about the tax cuts for the “wealthy” because the wealthy are lumped into everyone else.  If you want to have some fun, play around with this program.

Put  the year 2000 and then go back to 2010, put in your marital status and then look at your income and then look at the top incomes and tax amounts.  The Democrats have talked about leaving in place the tax cuts for people making $250,000 and less.  Do you really think this is unreasonable given the current national debt, our deficit spending, and the fact that we are still involved in two wars?

This ad for John Boehner is worth showing again.

This man is so out of touch with the rest of us that we need to be constantly reminded of what an absolute sham he is trying to pull over on the American people.

Yes, I also am unhappy with the problems in government and the lack luster economy.  I just don’t want to go back to an even bigger nightmare of deficit spending by Republicans that want to control my liberties as well. The Republicans talk big on how they are conservative and they don’t spend money like the Democrats.  It’s all a lie.  The only thing they are conservative on are those “wedge” issues like gays in the military, or abortion.  Truthfully, they like to control our freedoms.  As much as they talk about the “pursuit of happiness”, they do everything they can to curtail the rights of many people so they, the Republicans, can feel safe in their “lily white world”.  Don’t be fooled about how Republicans value your tax dollars.  I’m going to repost this chart.

Republican Pledge, More Red Bars!Look at it closely under Republican rule.  President Obama inherited this mess.  Just like an out of control credit card, when you’re constantly paying that old debt off, they keep charging more interest on top of the old interest.  You cannot seem to ever get out of the hole you have dug yourself into.  The only way this is going to change is by more tax money coming in.  It would be nice if more jobs could magically be created.  However, until that is a reality the wealthy need to step up and do their part for America.  I think they should take the pledge to, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!”  John Kennedy drummed that into me when I was a kid.  The wealthy people need to step up and help our country get back on its feet.  It’s a simple idea.  Just go back to the Clinton years of taxes for the wealthy.  As I recall, those wealthy people made plenty of money under Clinton.  I’m sure they can afford it.  If John Boehner can afford those exorbitant golfing fees, I’m sure he’d be just fine with a tax change.

If you read farther into the plan, you will notice that they also want to spend more on a missile defense system to protect us and our allies from Iran.  Yes, we tax payers, can pay for taking care of the rest of the world but we can’t take care of our own.  I would like to know where that “Star Wars” money to pay for this is going to come from.  Once again they want to spend more on defense which is already way over bloated, and less on PEOPLE.  Hey guys, you have to wait until you’re 70 to get Social Security under these guys.  That may be fine for the wealthy but come on for the rest of us, it is painful.  Many of the unemployed are in their fifties.  About the only thing an unemployed fifty something has to look forward to is that magic day when they can at least collect their Social Security because jobs are scarce.

This Republican pledge is really about getting the “common” people to think that the Democrats are going to take away your meager tax break.  It’s just another scare tactic to try and get votes.  They have done nothing to earn a vote and talk is cheap.  They want us all to get on board so we can actually help them help their rich buddies.  The tax cuts they’re really worried about are the ones for the wealthy and the corporations.  Do they care about the unemployed?  Hell no!  Do they care about health care for everyone?  Hell no!  Do they care about privatizing your Social Security?  Hell yes!  Do they care about cutting Medicare?  Hell yes!  Do they want to keep their rich golf outings?  Hell yes!  Do I want to reward them for their spineless behavior?  Hell no!  This is really the “Hell No” plan.  Vote for them and you’ll be saying, “Hell no!”

Here is a link to John Stewart, just because it’s funny!

My Nightmare

  • Posted on July 27, 2010 at 10:05 am

I keep having a reoccurring thought about the up and coming governor’s election.  It truly is my nightmare scenario.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  First of all, you must know that I think Speaker Andy Dillon and Attorney General Mike Cox were separated at birth.  I think they look alike, talk alike, and even though one is supposed to be a Democrat, they both are essentially Republicans.  So, in my mind, someone must have been adopted out or something as there is no way they can be so much alike and not be related.  My mind knows they aren’t each other’s doppelganger but my heart tells me they could be.  So my nightmare scenario is that both of them will win their respective primaries and the state of Michigan will end up with no real choice for a governor!  Egad, can’t people see what I see?

If these are my choices in the November election, I don’t know what I will do!  I have always voted.  Do I leave the top of the ticket blank?  Are there any third candidates I can vote for?  I can’t possibly vote for Andy Dillon.  He’s costing me a special “tax” of 3% more money that I must pay into my retirement.  I’d like to smack him every time I get an email from him telling how he stuck it to me.  Okay, he doesn’t put it quite that way but he wants everyone else to know how he’s going to get every piece of meat off me he can because I’m a public school TEACHER!  Oops, I said a dirty word!  I don’t know when the legislative body decided to set teachers in their gun sites but I know I’m a prime target.  When I was a kid, everyone loved teachers. Today I feel like there’s a target on my back, so I’m getting worried about the primary that’s coming up.  I’ve decided that I will beg every person I know to vote for Virg Bernero.  So, here I am asking for your vote for Virg.  No, really begging for your vote for Virg!

Virg Bernero is married to a teacher so he has to at least “get” teachers and understand how important education is.  I saw him at the MEA rally in June and I like the fact that he’s out there trying to “fight” for change.  Andy Dillon tries to paint Virg Bernero as an “angry” man.  I say, “Who isn’t angry in Michigan and if you aren’t angry, why aren’t you?”  I want someone willing to fight for our state and try to get it back on track.  I don’t want someone I can’t trust to do the right thing and.  Andy lost my trust when he picked my pocket and asked me how I liked it.  He scares me with his forced smile and smarmy hair and I really find it hard to understand why he thinks it’s productive to shut down government instead of working to fix the budget!  I also can’t get beyond the fact that he wants to tinker with my health care and isn’t really focusing on the real issues.

The issues of course are JOBS!  If we can get jobs back in Michigan, it will solve many of our problems.  I would like you to check out Virg at his website.

If you aren’t sure who you want to vote for, please humor me and choose Virg.  If you are voting in the Democratic primary he really is the only Democrat running.  It will make me happy and isn’t that just what you would like to do…make me happy?  Just think about it.  I wouldn’t have to live my nightmare scenario.  I would be hopeful for Michigan’s future.  It would keep hope alive and I wouldn’t have to spend the next two months in turmoil over the November election.  My primary vote was stolen once in the 2008 primary.  I think I at least deserve to have this vote counted for the person I choose and maybe some of your votes as well!  Come on make my day and vote for Virg Bernero!

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